Be Guided In Taking Your Well Being to the Next Level.

An Energ*Ze Experience is a physical and energetic reset.

“This is a “magical” experience of pinpointing the exact re-balancing you need at that very moment for both mind, body and spiritual well being.”  ~ Susan

shavasana bliss 2.2017





Leave with a relaxed mind, realigned body and rejuvenated spirit.


Reserve now by calling 415.250.8357.

This class is for anyone needing time to let go and reconnect with your higher self, the person you long to be.
Realign your physical and energetic structure,
release body discomfort and energize your inner spirit.
Leave with a deep awareness to your personal path for well-being.

* perfect for all fitness levels

* wear comfortable clothes and bring your yoga mat.
(Mats will be provided if you need one)