Laurie Rodriggs, CMT APP

Laurie Rodriggs

smile from your heart and your body will sing.

Laurie Rodriggs, CMT APP

Laurie Rodriggs, CMT APP of Hands of Energy Wellness is a passionate healer and wellness consultant.  Laurie is a certified Polarity Practitioner and Master BodyWorker.  Practicing in Marin County and the North Bay since 1998, she specializes in energy rebalancing, structural alignment, nutritional cleansing and a unique style of integrated therapies for full body wellness. Her sessions are magical, addressing physical aliments and optimal energy flow. Gifted and intuitive, Laurie has developed an inner awareness in focusing on the specific needs of each client. Her ability to quickly identify imbalances and reset energy pathways, guides you to an elevated state of healing and bliss.


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Laurie Rodriggs, CMT APP is available for speaking engagements on a variety of wellness topics.

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“You  are a Health Master and a Guru of Health.”
~ Valeri Bocage, CEO, Powerful Women International

“Doing much better, thank you!!!  You are the best Laurie!   You are the only person who has helped my pain!!!”  Big hugs,  Ana

“You gave me SUCH a fabulous massage!”   Xoxoo Denise

“Laurie is a balanced healer in all forms.  She is a magnet to my pain and discomfort and intuitively connects to ignite it up.  Her gift is her passion and talent.  I’m always amazed in the power that comes through her!”  ~  Carol B.  of Stepping Into Wellness

“Thank you for the outstanding massage you gave me on Monday.  On Tuesday morning I simply decided to lay in bed and skip my regular workout.  The relaxation and alignment  you helped create was too good to interrupt.  And at masters swim this morning, my stroke was delightfully awkward as I experienced tremendous additional flexibility in my shoulders and neck.  Keep up the great work.”   ~ Bart


“After having the most amazing massage and reflexology by the gifted Laurie Rodriggs, we walk outside in her garden and saw this beautiful and perfect heart within a rose. Love is everywhere. Thank you Laurie!! You’re phenomenal.”   Margarita Mazaracki